7 Habits That Create Success

Notions of success, productivity, and happiness go hand in hand when it comes to producing an an emotional atmosphere that allows you to reach your potential on a day to day basis. According to extensive research and compiled findings by Andrew Marie from Observer, applying these simple tips in your daily life will be helpful in terms of increasing productivity in the workplace, while also evaluating social relationships in your personal life to the best of your ability.

Generosity: various psych and health studies show that taking the time to think about others and giving them gifts that complement their personalities or demeanor actually provides great emotional satisfaction. This in turn also creates a level of self-awareness for person giving the thoughtful present or experience.
Questions, questions, questions: Asking questions to others not only lets them know you care about them or are interested in the latest happenings of their lives, but it also allows for a reciprocative emotional exchange. In the workplace, this also allows for a two sided conversation regarding the newest partnership or a more creative way to approach a business obstacle.
It’s all about the experience: Research studies have also indicated that allocating more funds to memorable experiences instead of a new shirt or the latest iPhone increases overall happiness. These experiences often become fond memories that bring friends, sisters or couples emotionally closer.
Get 8 hours of sleep: Maintaining a solid routine of sleeping at least 8 hours each night will help you focus and keep a steady energy level all day. Experts such as Mike Dow recommend this amount of sleep because it allows for mental readiness during the work day.
Social relationships: Staying close with friends from college or your coworkers is the most ideal way to maintain happiness levels throughout your life. Although doing so can be quite difficult, reaching out to people and meeting up once in awhile. According to Harvard researcher and happiness expert Shawn Achor, social connections are without a doubt the second predictor of happiness.
Gratefulness: At the end of each day, make the effort to write down three things you deeply enjoy or appreciate in your life at the time. Reflecting on positive qualities or people you can depend on is very important in terms of having a good attitude on a regular basis.
email on phoneEmail: Another great tip is to never check your email after you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed. This causes unnecessary stress before your day either begins or is coming to an end. At these times of the day, take a moment to listen to your latest album or read about some places you would like to visit in the coming future. Separating your work life from personal time is essential for productivity and emotional well-being.

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