Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Criticism

Criticism Richard BattistaSometimes it’s easier to avoid criticism than receive it.  Especially since the internet is set up in such a way that you can be practically anonymous in more places than not.  You can put something out there without fear of getting criticized, or at least if you do get criticized it’s not directly pointed at “you”.  The problem with this is that criticism is a natural part of getting better at anything- whether it’s a hobby, a trade, a skill, whatever; you will not get anywhere with them unless you receive some good criticism.

Why You Need to be Criticized

In an article I recently read it talked about some of the various reasons why people will avoid criticism.  They cover the standard reasons such as criticism hurts, criticism doesn’t always feel good, you can receive poor criticism, etc.  But the reality is, if you’re not receiving criticism then you’re not doing anything worth criticizing.  And if you’re not doing anything worth criticizing then what exactly are you doing?  In order to become a better person, a better worker, a better member of society you need to take some risks and potentially step out of your comfort zone.  When you start to do this, you’re naturally going to mess up a little bit and when you do- you’ll want to know exactly where you’re messing up so you can learn from it and avoid doing it in the future.  This is what criticism is and this is why you should seek out criticism. Keep in mind though, that like I mentioned above, you can receive bad criticism from people who might mean well but might not know what they’re talking about.  That is why it’s not only important to receive a and welcome criticism, but you should actively seek out people that you respect and ask them for criticism.  These are the people that matter the most to you and the ones that will be able to give you the most benefit. Good luck, and good luck getting criticized!

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