Gratitude Treatment

Richard BattistaLife coaching offers a bevy of benefits. From helping others manage their daily stress to outlining new and previously unseen paths to take, a good life coach can shed light on the dark areas of our lives. However, with each life coach comes a new and unique way to reach people.  With there being no rules regarding how to help people, life coaching has blossomed into one of the most diverse and rewarding careers available. And with the emergence of yet another school of thought, what can Gratitude Treatment do for you?

Gratitude is more than just saying “thank you” and “please.” It’s the act of being able to count your blessings, and be individually thankful for each thing that’s going your way. This lesson, though simple in nature, has gone woefully under appreciated by the modern generation. How can you properly appreciate what you’ve been given without taking the time to be gracious?

Gratitude treatments are most effective in those that are the least grateful. You would not,  say, be able to apply these lessons with equal efficacy to someone already grown. While people and opinions can certainly change, it’s much easier to teach children. A test was held to determine if this theory was little more than wishful thinking, and the results were surprisingly positive. Of the 122 children tested after being taught a week-long lesson on gratitude, over 25% chose to write thank-you notes for being allowed to join in the study. Is this a fluke, or are we seeing an increase in gratitude?

Another test was held in 2008 with a group of older students. Split into two groups, one group was tasked with listing five things they were grateful for every day for two weeks, the other was to list five frustrations. Of the testing, children that listed what they were grateful for found they had a better outlook on life and school, proving that a positive state of mind that appreciates the good can make a difference.

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