Mindful Meditation

Meditation has more practical application than pre-yoga breathing exercises. Mindfulness meditation, a powerful way to manage pain and reduce stress, has seen fantastic results in mothers preparing to give birth. Whether combating the effects of depression, or simply breathing through the many pains of pregnancy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a powerful tool for those patient enough to use it.

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They key to maintaining mindful meditation is focus. While the concept is simple, centering your mind to perfect stillness is difficult for many. A helpful way to block unwanted thought is to focus entirely on breathing. Breath by steady breath, allow yourself to think of nothing. Should your mind begin to wander, calmly return your thoughts to their intended loop. Far too often, people fall victim to their own expectations, and chastise themselves mentally when meditating fails to bring instant nirvana. These are common feelings, and without breaking the cycle, should you find yourself in this situation, simply return to your center.

Mindfulness is a unique state of calm with self and surroundings achieved through meditation. Following this process will enable the practitioner to better understand their emotions, calmly react to the unexpected, and view every moment with a better understanding of self. But how can such an effective treatment for anxiety, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts possible help during childbirth?

Mindfulness inspired parents ideally lead to a balanced household, a calm environment for the child to grow in, and less stress on the parents. During pregnancy, the practice of mindful meditation has been shown to effectively manage pains that famously accompany the process. Take the drug Paracetamol for example. The only pain reliever legally able to be given to pregnant women, Paracetamol has been shown to have varied effects with those taking it. However, those willing to experiment with mindful meditation found that their ability to manage pain increased.

Able to combat feelings of anxiety, postpartum depression and pain, Mindful meditation is a safe way to ensure the health of your family while protecting yourself. Whether you’re a new mother expecting a batch of new family members, or just looking for a way to manage your stress, mindful meditation is a solution that we can all get behind.

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