New Website Offers Online Life Coaches

Cloverpop Website

Cloverpop helps guide you through difficult decisions and acts as a virtual life coach.

According to an article recently completed by The New Yorker, a new website offers the practices of life coaches at a significantly cheaper price.  The website, entitled Cloverpop, helps customers with smaller dilemmas to make decisions through a meager ten minute quiz at no charge.  For larger issues, a personal life coach can be offered for the meager price of twenty-nine dollars.  In general, life coaches can cost two hundred dollars or more; therefore, the prices offered by Cloverpop are certainly reasonable.

The website was founded by Erik Larson in the hopes of helping those struggling with decision to either validate the inclination they already have or to genuinely help them make a difficult choice. The website employs forty-six life coaches and business consultants; however, as of next month this figure will increase, as Cloverpop is scheduled to announce a partnership with a coaching industry group.  With their existing staff in the website’s first two weeks alone, Cloverpop helped five thousand six hundred decisions come to a close.  The website runs on the questionnaire, which consists of ten simple questions tailored to help the consumer make the appropriate decision.  The quiz is a guided tour of prioritizing and a ranking of emotions; in essence, it is designed to measure what Larson entitles the Gut Meter.

The Gut Meter consists of several facets.  It is ruled by how long the individual has thought on the decision, how many of the individual’s friends and family have made the exact same decision and how much time is spent in the areas of life affected by the outcome of the decision; specifically, areas affected include friends, family, money, health and spirituality.  For any one decision, only five of these areas can be focused on.  Larson came upon these areas of focus based purely on research of those seeking advice on the Internet; he found that these areas were the topics that people worried about the most and, therefore, knew an emphasis needed to be placed on their importance.  From there, the questionnaire helps the consumer point themselves in the right direction for them.

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