Planning Your Future

Thinking about where you will want to be in the future of your personal, academic or professional life is a natural thought progression that many of us seem to ponder from time to time. As we muster up courage in own ways, there comes a time when we want to become the leaders or inspirational figures that we have admired for so long.

While it is natural or common for people to sometimes reveal qualities that are not necessarily conducive to leadership, it’s important to remember that making the conscious effort to change is the first stepping stone.

Even though this may be a cliche, understanding that making the most of your day to day life is absolutely essential when moving forward. In other words, focusing on the little things in the daily tasks throughout the week can allow you to experience more happiness which you can create with simplicity. Giving your cube mate a little birthday present to offering others a smile you may not know so well cultivates an environment where people can feel comfortable to socially interact or engage with you.

bridge on the waterWe are constantly making other plans, searching for other opportunities and reaching to attain a goal that we may or may not actually want. Staying mindful about what is currently around you is essential when it comes to maximizing happiness in the present moment, instead of other distractions that are currently irrelevant.

Even if you may truly miss your college experiences or the friends at your last job, coming to the realization that these precious moments are well in the past is extremely salient for your emotional health. Dwelling on times in which you think you were much happier or more free are only hindering emotional progress you could be making with people you interact with on a regular basis. Embodying leadership traits to mark yourself as a strong individual by showing kindness, humor and humbleness are just a few ways to become a better you.

Show love
Maya Angelou once said “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did,they will remember how you made them feel.” Arguably the most deeply felt and meaningful emotion that humans feel, showing others you care is a great way for you to not only become a leader, but also provide a different level of emotional satisfaction. To quote Gandhi “Where there is life, there is love,” which essentially encompasses the importance of concepts such as compassion, generosity and kindness. These positive qualities are all interconnected, and when you start to practice one, you inevitably are trying out all these traits.

Follow your dreams
Limiting discomfort or living within the constraints society has crafted for us is how many people live in order to maintain a level of security. While this is all well and good, challenging yourself at the right times in your life allows you to grow in multiple ways. The root of actually doing what your heart desires is suppressed by emotions such as fear and societal judgement, which are concerns that we all face at different stages. However, these root causes in no way allow you to achieve or experience the dream you have been working towards.

Make time
An old excuse that nearly everyone you know has said one time or another, the mindfulnessinnate tendency to use this as a rebuttal is more than common for some. Regardless of how busy we actually are, it is only realistic to understand the craziness in our lives won’t actually slow down anytime soon and the plans we want to make aren’t going anywhere either. Instead of complaining or making excuses, consider ways you can successfully engage in activities that will bring your more happiness in the present.

Finding our ally
Collecting yourself in order to control perception or thinking about a certain situation is the most ideal form of maintaining an emotional balance. At first, this trait actually takes a fair amount of time to perfect, as self-control is actually an extremely difficult trait to successfully exhibit. Once you practice applying this quality in pain-staking or difficult hardships, utilizing self-control will eventually become easier as you get more comfortable using it in different situations.

Honor & Respect
Showing respect to others is a key takeaway when creating and maintaining relationships in different environments such as the workplace, which often times presents itself as cut throat environment where everyone views each other as competitors instead of allies.

This stereotypical portrayal in the workplace can be successfully challenged by complimenting others on their progress along with appreciating their efforts as they continue to develop their talents in a variety of ways. For more information to approach your future life plans, please visit this website. 


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