Spirit Coaching

Life coaching once thought of as little more than a passing fad, has grown into an integral part of our lives. With everyday stresses compounding until we struggle to even get out of bed in the morning, life coaches act as our life preserver, the saving grace when we need someone to talk with or unload some of our baggage onto. In what ways are life coaches changing the world, and how have they evolved from their humble beginnings?

Life coaching isn’t about telling people how to live their lives, but allowing them to find the path themselves. Obstacles are meant to be overcome, not pushed aside. As people, we cannot grow if our challenges are swept aside for us. It’s only through dogged determination that we are able to rise above ourselves, and truly become something better. And it’s the job of the life coach, not to give you the answers, but the way in which you can find those answers.

Richard BattistaThe strength of life coaching is reliant on the openness a coach has with his mentees. Without trust, as in many things, there is little hope for a successful result. Those who enter into a life coach relationship with the expectation that they’ll be free of burden are doing so incorrectly. Life coaching asks its participants to dig deep and root out the underlying causes of their stress. A process that some find completely repugnant.

Some struggle with placing a value on the life coach. What good can one person do against an ocean of regret and stress? It’s best to look at life coaches as a boat to help you navigate your own stormy sea. While not by any means a cure-all, the insight of a good life coach can make all the difference, and help those early mornings pass a little easier.

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