Steps to Improve Overall Happiness

Even with good health, a wonderful support system and an interesting career, is it natural to find ourselves questioning our happiness from a day to day basis. Although this may sound ungrateful to others, this occurrence can happen for a few days or could permanently linger on for weeks, which could therefore have you questioning what exactly you have been doing wrong.

Using different tips or developing habits can be frustrating, especially when you are unable to see results immediately which can be counterproductive to the overall self-help process. With this in mind, it’s important to constantly remind yourself that this process takes a fair amount of time, while also requiring patience Supported by the study of happiness conducted by writer Gretchen Rubin, here are some natural, insightful ways you can increase your happiness in order to simultaneously aid your emotional and mental health.


Start with the basics

Initiating this self-help happiness project with simple steps such as sleeping seven to eight hours, eating well and doing regular physical activity are fundamental ways to increase happiness. Factors such as fatigue or not feeling energized after a meal can negatively affect how you feel on physical and emotional levels.


Instead of staying agree at something a coworker did or going to bed annoyed, it’s best to attempt to let those nuances go to replace dwelling on it. When you think about it, thinking excessively or analyzing ideas that produce negative feelings in you is only negatively affecting your state of mind. This strategy will not only help you sleep better, but will also allow you to feel a bit freer or relaxed throughout the week.

Things to avoid

In the moment, consuming some ice cream or buying a pair of jeans does not seem necessarily harmful, but it’s important to ask yourself if these items help in your long term happiness. Although it may make you feel better for a week or an hour later, questioning your actions while also investing those resources somewhere more beneficial to your well being is worth it.

Quit the complaining

Constantly speaking about negativity in your life can create an environment which not allows lowers your mood, but it also reduces the contentment of the people around you. Once you make a genuine effort to be more positive with yourself and the people around you, this in turn can brighten your spirit with the simplest of methods.

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