The Power of Solo Travel

While it may be comforting for some to go about the routine of their daily lives, there comes a time when you may want to reassess how you envision where you would like your life to be. Although there is no set age or life stage that initiates this type of mental reassessment, some people at a certain point may feel the need to break away from the cubicle, classroom or their desk jobs to fulfill an emotional need that has yet to be met.

old suitcasesOne woman in particular named Britny West took it upon herself to bravely leave her corporate job, sell all of her possessions, and pack her bags to live off of two suitcases in Europe for an extended period of time. Even though this may not be necessarily feasible for many, some young professionals have taken it upon themselves to actually go out and seek what they believe an adventure that causes them to question the their life purpose. Although financial or other emotional barriers can prevent you from traveling, here are some reasons to make the trip happen.

Increases resilience
Depending on where you are visiting, language, unfamiliarity with the new location and other factors can be quite daunting when all you’re trying to do is find your hostel or a store where you can buy some water. In stressful situations when these barriers become more apparent, you find yourself becoming more resourceful when it comes to decision making, solo travelers have actually grown to master this art because there is no other option.

Challenges preconceived notions
The exposure to different cultures and ways of doing things will expand your perspective of not only how different that society is from home, but it will allow you to draw on two very different places in order to find some ways they are in common.

As you make your way throughout the Rome or Lima, you will be exposed to different social norms or This open-ness to new ideas and perspectives will help you brainstorm solutions to everyday issues in a flash. You’ll be able to generate more ideas that could lead to your next big break financially.

The distance of wherever you have travelled to allows for not only a new, fresher outlook on the on the roadworld, but it also gives you space to process your personal life in a way healthier manner. Without the distractions of work, previous relationships and or other hurtful memories clouding your emotional health, traveling solo can also expand your idea of what is possible.

Many people often tell themselves that they do not have the time, financial resources or courage to travel to the places they have dreamed of for years, but the only person who is stopping you from going is you. With a proper savings plan along with frugal spending for a certain timeframe, any trip, regardless of how impossible it may seem, is closer to becoming a reality than you think.


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