Troubled Tenants

It has forever been the struggle of the young to keep money in their pocket and food in their stomach. Far too often, unprepared youngsters are thrust into the world without the slightest inclination regarding how to pay for their newfound freedom. In England, more than 3,000 tenancies are terminated within the first year. Comprised of mostly young adults between the age of 16 and 30, this group is in need of some help, and the UK thinks they have the answer.

Rather than wagging fingers and furrowed brows, struggling tenants are being met with open ears. With the aid of trained, on-site life coaches, young people are being taught how to move into their adult life without the problems plaguing their peers. This level of intensive intervention is meant to realign the skewed priorities that are so prevalent during our reckless youth. Spending without thought of repercussion and prioritizing fun over food are just some of the habits that UK life coaches hope to break.

We cannot hope to build a bright future on a foundation of hungry, debt-ridden stomachs. The proposed plan looks to fight the growing trend of abandoned apartments all throughout major cities. Costing supervisors valuable time and space, these empty apartments stand as a reminder to the unfulfilled dreams of their occupants. People forced to flee their obligations as the result of poor planning topples in around them.

These life coaches have already seen astounding success in helping troubled tenants. Whether being an attentive listener for someone in needRichard Battista or finding comfortable accommodations for an occupant who’s shown signs of harming themselves, life coaches are an excellent intermediary for those who struggle with their own voice. In the year since its implementation, eviction rates have already started to go down. Proving yet again that sometimes all we need is a helping hand to stand on our own.

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