Your New Year

2016 is upon us, as is the flurry of hastily made pledges and resolutions. Each New Year, as we watch the ball drop, we reflect on the last 365 days, measuring our last year against the unknown potential of the one waiting just around the corner. But how can we keep ourselves from promising more than we deliver? Nothing will sour your 2016 more than unfulfilled promises made to yourself, so how can we manage our expectations while starting this year off with a bang?

Set Realistic Goals: Don’t bog yourself down in resolutions with impossible goals. Let’s face it, many of us would love to lose every pound of fat, sprout a six-pack, and grow a few inches in a month. The reality of the situation is that only with tireless effort can we achieve most of what we want. If that’s your goal, understand you’ve committed to a regular gym schedule and healthy diet. For a more attractive and equally healthy option, look into changing your diet or start going for morning jogs. You’d be shocked just how impactful these small shifts can be.

Richard BattistaBe Fair: If the reality of their promise isn’t enough to drive them away from the gym, people are most often deterred by the pace their body takes to react to their effort. Remember, any change worth having takes time to stick. After several weeks of consistent effort, then you should expect to start seeing things take shape. If your goal is to revamp your fitness regimen, be sure to give yourself time.

Why Wait?: The New Year has always been the epicenter of our lives. Like an axis, the New Year is, for many, the chance at a fresh start. Why wait, though? Why preserve your time of change to just one moment a year? We are all capable of great things at any moment, so take this New Year as not your first step on a long road of improvement, but the first improvement of many in the coming year.

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