Richard Battista Life Coaching

Richard BattistaRichard Battista of Quincy, MA is an extremely passionate life coach. Though many of you might not be aware of what life coaching is exactly, you’ve most likely heard of the term. Before we talk too much more about the topic of this site, Richard Battista, let’s first go over what life coaching is.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps individuals identify and achieve their personal goals. Life coaches help their clients set and reach goals using a great number of tools and techniques. They are not therapists nor consultants; actually, psychological intervention and business analysis are completely outside the scope of their work. Life coaching takes its inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, positive adult development, career counseling, NLP, mentoring and other types of counseling. Life coaching is forward moving and future focused.

Richard Battista and Life Coaching

As a life coach, Richard Battista has helped many people step up as life-leaders in both their professional and personal lives. During his 32 years in the business world he has dedicated his life to helping others. Every committed client that Richard Battista works with will achieve results that will far surpass their personal expectations.

Life coaching isn’t just a job to Richard, it is a passion. By leading an extraordinary life, Richard Battista sets an incredible example to his clients and those around him the power of living a successful life. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others to unlock their own potential, their own extraordinary life.

Richard Battista is a certified professional coach who delivers high-impact, results oriented coaching to both individuals and teams alike. He works with executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals in business and in the US military. He specializes in leadership, positive feedback, emotional and social intelligence, and group dynamics. Richard Battista is skilled in assisting others in making choices that will lead to improvements in their professional and personal lives, by helping to clear away the clutter and energy drains that prevent people from being their best. Richard Battista from Quincy, MA will help you unleash your own greatness.